Our products are built to the highest standards

Carlin has distinguished itself through a tradition of customer satisfaction and a reputation for delivering the highest quality in both temporary and permanent, relocatable kitchen facilities.


We have a highly experienced management team

Partners Ralph Goldbeck, Steve Rubin and Fred Stowell carry on the tradition Kevin Carlin began more than 33 years ago. These partners bring seasoned leadership and extensive industry experience to every facet of Carlin Manufacturing.

We have more than three decades of manufacturing experience

More than a quarter century ago, Kevin Carlin wanted to prepare fresh, quality food on location. When he couldn’t, he got busy. Kevin was a caterer. He saw how he could improve his business – help others in his industry – by providing excellent mobile kitchens and kitchen facilities. He built his first mobile unit in 1980 and founded Carlin Mobile Kitchens in 1981.

Thirty two years later, Carlin Manufacturing produces mobile kitchens, re-locatable buildings and specialty vehicles for an array of clients. Carlin’s products currently serve customers in more than 30 countries around the globe with vehicles built for fast food giants like McDonald’s, Burger King, and Pizza Hut.

Our Midwest manufacturing facilities produce mobile and modular units for all branches of the military, as well as the American Red Cross and Salvation Army. From disaster relief vehicles to the Oscar Meyer Wiener mobile, Carlin continues to discover new ways of satisfying clients in many different fields.

We have strategic partnerships with leading manufacturers

At Carlin Manufacturing, we have formed a network of strategic partnerships which allow us to provide a wide range of foodservice related facilities and services that integrate seamlessly with our modular and mobile facilities.


Sprung Instant Structures provides a cost-effective solution when space is required to supplement or replace dining, preparation, production, dry storage or office areas. Large or small, long term or short term, functional or elegant you will find a Sprung Instant Structures configuration to meet your needs. Sprung Structures are ideal for interim or permanent applications and the exclusive re-locatable features of a Sprung facility provides maximum flexibility for the future.


Polar King International manufactures “turn key” walk-in coolers and freezers for short and long term rental applications. Polar King fiberglass, seamless walk-ins are designed to withstand harsh weather in an attractive and extremely efficient manner. These units are sized to meet the demands of any application. Polar King works closely with KTG to insure complete customer satisfaction.


Craftsmen Industries is the leading manufacturer of customized vehicles for the event & promotion industry. Craftsmen’s wide range of talent, makes it the ideal manufacturing partner for Kitchens To Go.


Carts of Colorado, Inc. design and build custom/standard mobile carts, kiosks, modular store and mobile merchandising systems.


Whitley Manufacturing offers a full line of award winning modular buildings that look beautiful, stand up to constant use and are backed by their service commitment. Not only does Whitley use high quality materials and equipment, but also stand behind their product with the best warranty in the industry.

We work with some of the world’s greatest companies and organizations

Carlin Manufacturing commercial kitchens facilities are manufactured for government, institutional and corporate use. We are proud to provide the greatest level of service and the highest quality of products to clients ranging from the U.S. Marines to the Disney Companies by providing temporary, state-of-the-art, high volume commercial kitchens.