Corporate Food Service

Expand your off premise contract foodservice capabilities with a mobile or modular Carlin Kitchen solution. Carlin’s units can be configured to meet your specific menu and production requirements while maintaining the consistency and quality associated with your organization. Carlin’s relocatable facilities are fully compliant with all local codes and can efficiently operate in any environment year around.

Pizza Kitchens

Pizza is a great product for special events and non-traditional venues. For years pizza has been delivered to the customer, now you can take your entire pizza operation directly to the customer. Carlin’s Pizza Kitchens offer all of the production and convenience that you would experience in a fixed based store while having the flexibility of accessing new markets, special events and customers. Custom configurations are available with conveyor, deck and wood fired ovens.

Mobile Marketing/Product Sampling

In today’s competitive business market companies cannot wait for their customer to come to them; you have to take your product to the customer. There is not a better vehicle to take your product on the road than a Carlin Mobile Marketing Unit. Whether you are sharing the great taste of Starbuck’s Coffee or a cup of Bear Creek Soup a Carlin Mobile Marketing Vehicle will allow you to take your product to new markets with the consistency and quality that your brand is known and recognized for.