Hotels & Resorts

As properties are expanded or renovated to meet a growing marketplace, foodservice facilities must grow to keep pace. One option is a Carlin mobile or modular kitchen facility. Carlin’s relocatable solutions can be sized to meet any production requirement and meet local health and building codes.


Typically located in remote parts of the country, camps find themselves in a position to provide food and beverage services to a large group of individuals with limited supplies or resources. Although remote in location, food handling and health department standards must still be maintained for the safety of the camp residents. Carlin mobile and modular solutions meet these demands.


As clubs develop and grow, the need for foodservice grows also. The challenge of providing adequate facilities that have the flexibility to expand in size and change location is a problem that many club managers face. The solution is a mobile or modular kitchen facility from Carlin manufacturing. Designed and constructed to meet not only the production requirements of the staff but also strict code requirements of the local health and building department, Carlin’s foodservice solutions are the answer.