Teaming Up With Education

Temporary kitchens are the perfect solution to all of your kitchen blues.  Re-doing a kitchen is a big project in itself, but where will people eat while it is under construction? Carling Manufacturing has the answer to your problem.  We create mobile kitchens for schools to meet any and all of your needs. Schools today require mobile kitchens for a variety of reasons such as: construction, expanded catering programs, culinary training programs and much more. Most recently we worked with two schools, Laney College and Endicott College, to create temporary kitchens that met each of their needs.  Laney College is undergoing a large updating on their kitchen and needed a kitchen for their students to eat.  So, Carlin

Manufacturing worked with Laney College to provide them with a 40’ by 56’ temporary kitchen.  It is complete with two production cook lines, prep space and even walk-in cold storage.  Endicott College required a different kitchen solution.  So, we worked to provide them with a small towable kitchen that includes three different work stations for cooking at remote locations.  It is simple to keep university foodservice running with a temporary kitchen from Carlin Manufacturing.  Learn more about the solutions we created for these two schools and what we could do for your school.

Temporary Kitchen Webinar – Healthcare Solutions

Now your food service operation doesn’t have to stop during a remodel or construction.  Hospitals and healthcare facilities rely on having food services provided for patients, staff and visitors.  With one of our temporary kitchens, you will be able to continue serving your delectable dishes through the construction.  On Wednesday, June 27, Ralph Goldbeck, Partner of Kitchens To Go/Carlin Manufacturing, will be hosting a free educational webinar about temporary kitchens in the Healthcare Industry.  He will discuss the vast array of temporary kitchens available for the healthcare field and the impact each option will make.  The webinar will also feature companies that specialize in manufacturing mobile kitchens for purchase or lease.

You can expect this 1-Hour webinar to address topics such as:

  • The various temporary kitchen solutions and when each is most appropriate
  • The phased construction or outsourced catering alternatives to temporary kitchens…and when each may be the most affordable or beneficial solution
  • How your business can continue to operate without the threat of your loyal customers going elsewhere
  • Specific benefits to having a temporary kitchen during the construction process
  • Analyzing the true cost of ownership for a temporary kitchen and the ROI relative to each foodservice renovation or construction solution
  • Making the lease vs. purchase decision relative to temporary kitchens
  • Methods of most successfully managing your construction timeline to get your permanent solution operable as swiftly as possible


Carlin Manufacturing, LLC wants to help your business continue to serve all of your valued customers, and this webinar is focused on giving you the facts and figures you need to learn more about the options available to you.  You can even expect to see real-world examples of companies using a temporary kitchen.  So, join us on June 27 for a free webinar to learn more about the benefits of using a temporary kitchen.



Carlin Manufacturing Partner Kitchens To Go Receives 2012 Kitchen Innovations™ (KI) Award

Kitchens To Go, a leading provider of mobile and modular kitchen solutions, announced that the company’s Bolt-On Kitchen solution has been recognized by the National Restaurant Association with a 2012 Kitchen Innovations™ (KI) Award. The solution, which was first introduced at the NRA’s 2011 conference, quickly gained traction with deployments in Massachusetts, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

In each instance, the commercial food service operations in these locations did not have the luxury of waiting the typical eight-months time that is usually required to gain permit approvals, design and then build a new kitchen on site. The Bolt-On Kitchen can be deployed in less than half this time, providing a high quality commercial kitchen solution that arrives on site and ready for installation and operation.

Unlike temporary solutions, the Bolt-On Kitchen is a customized pre-constructed, code compliant turnkey kitchen that’s permanently affixed to a building, enabling reallocation of interior space. This value was demonstrated in several projects over 2011, including projects at a school, at a software company and at a government facility.

When deployed at Phillips Academy in Andover, MA, four modular Bolt-On Kitchens were attached to the school’s outdoor hockey arena, which was converted into an enclosed open dining space. This converted space served as the temporary dining commons for a two year period during the renovation of the historic on-campus dining commons.

After the dining commons renovation was completed, two of the four modular kitchen units were removed from the complex and the remaining two units were left in place to provide foodservice and catering support when the former hockey arena was converted again, this time from a temporary dining space into a special events center.

Another successful deployment occurred at Micron Technology in Manassas, VA, where Kitchens To Go’s modular kitchen units were connected to an existing Micron Technology production facility to provide foodservice production, servery and dining space. In addition to dining, the attached clear span space was used as a gathering place for company meetings and special events. The additional Bolt-On space allowed for the existing interior foodservice area to be “re-captured” for microchip production, thus providing a higher return per square foot use of the existing building.

The Bolt-On Kitchen has also been deployed by the U.S. government. After completing construction of a new special events center at the Washington Naval Yard in Washington, D.C., it became apparent that there was a need for additional foodservice production. The only viable option to meet the requirements of the catering program and banquet rooms was to add kitchen space through a Bolt-On Kitchen. The exterior of the bolt on facility was constructed to match the exterior facade of the existing special events center, making it a seamless and attractive addition.

A model of the Bolt-On Kitchen will be showcased in the interactive Kitchen Innovations Pavilion in its central location on the exhibit floor (booth 2440L) at the 2012 National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show, May 5-8 at Chicago’s McCormick Place.

Carlin Manufacturing’s Ralph Goldbeck receives the 2012 Kitchen Innovation Award from the National Restaurant Association’s panel of independent judges during the conference.


Kitchens To Go’s Bolt-On Kitchen is a pre-constructed, code-compliant kitchen that may be affixed to an existing building on a permanent or lease-term basis, yielding savings over conventional construction costs. The Bolt-On Kitchen is a modular facility, which is joined to a permanent structure by a common sidewall, and is delivered with a custom-finished interior and exterior construction to match the existing building aesthetics and maintain the important brand image of each food service operation.

“These Bolt-On kitchens have been installed in less than one month, are code-compliant and have the ability to serve our clients for years to come,” said Ralph Goldbeck, AIA, and partner, Kitchens To Go. “Our products are built to meet the highest specifications required in the U.S., and our modular solutions have earned their reputation as quality products that exceed our clients’ expectations time after time.”

“The independent panel of judges selected these products based on the forward-thinking approach to commercial kitchen equipment demonstrated by their innovative creators,” said Jack Crawford Convention Chair for NRA Show 2012 and President and CEO of Ground Round Independent Owners Cooperative, LLC. “These truly groundbreaking products will have a substantial impact on the efficiency and success of restaurant kitchens, as well as the profitability of the restaurant itself. As the largest restaurant and hospitality trade show in the United States, the NRA Show offers the perfect forum to explore trends and find new products to enhance restaurant operations.”

About Kitchens To Go

Kitchens To Go is the industry leader in mobile and modular kitchen solutions. KTG’s commercial kitchens facilities are manufactured by partner company Carlin Manufacturing for government, institutional and corporate use, and the companies specialize in short and long term temporary commercial kitchen leasing or custom purchase.